Deaf UK Jobs: FAQs For Advertisers

You need to be a member of this group to post an advert. You can set your membership to ‘no e-mail’, if you have problems with this please contact us. Information on how to subscribe can be found here.

Alternatively, we can post on your behalf. Just contact us using the e-mail below.

How do I post an advert?

The list is entirely free, and to post an advert:

a) Put the text of the advert in the main body of an e mail in plain text. Please don’t use file attachments or html.

b) In the subject line of the e mail, please state the job title and where the job is based. For example:
Cleaner – Deafies United, Shetlands
Social Worker – Anyplace Council

c) Send it to

Some notes:

Please don’t put at the top of the advert: please distribute this, can you send this etc.  If you do, I then have to edit and it creates more work.

You do not need to be a subscriber of Deaf UK Jobs to post an advert. If you want to know if your advert has gone through, I suggest when you send it to the list, you cc. or bcc. your own e mail address so you receive the mail when it is distributed.

When do job adverts get distributed?

Usually a couple of times a week. Do not send your advert until it is ready for distribution.

When do you remove adverts?

Deaf UK Jobs is an e mailing list, so e mails cannot be removed from people’s inboxes. The adverts remain on the archives. For this reason, we encourage you to ensure that you advert carries a closing date.  Should you later need to amend an advert, repost the advert and in the subject line put:

AMENDED: [job title] – [organisation/location]

How do I contact Alison or Tony?

E mail to:

We are happy to try and help. Please remember the list is managed voluntarily, so please be polite.

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