Deaf UK Jobs: FAQs for Job Seekers / Students / Researchers

How do I subscribe?

Go here:!forum/deaf-uk-jobs/join sharing the e mail address you would like to use to subscribe.

Please note, due to the amount of spammers, please could you give a valid reason why you want to join the list. I don’t care who you are or why you want to join – I just need to be able to tell you are not a spammer. If I have denied you membership, it is because I think you are a spammer. (Perhaps you didn’t give a reason why you wanted to join). E-mail me and convince me you are not.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can manage your subscription via the Google Groups Control Panel.  In desktop mode, in the top right hand corner you will see a symbol of a person, click onto this and you will get a drop down menu:

You will have various options including membership and email settings, to leave the group, your global settings, topic email subscriptions and changing the display language.


How do I access Deaf UK Jobs archives online?

Deaf UK Jobs archives are available here. You will need to be signed into your Googlegroups account to access this.

How do I change how I receive adverts?

You can manage you subscription online at: Deaf UK Jobs.  In the top right corner (desktop mode), you will see a person symbol:

If you click through ‘membership and email settings’.

You will be given further options:

This includes: not to receive email updates, daily summaries, combined updates and to be notified every new message.  You can select which option you prefer and then click onto SAVE.

Do you only send adverts for a specific area, or job type?

With the new list, we are going to experiment with the use of tags. So it might be possible to subscribe to a particular tag. However, we are using a new platform, so at this stage we do not know if this will work.

There are 2 ways you can make things easier for yourself:

a) Read the subject lines of e mails, this should give you some indication of where the job is and is base. You can delete the remainder of your e mails without having to open them.
b) Use the ‘Search Messages’ function at Deaf UK Jobs typing in a keyword into the search box. Please note that you need to be logged in to use this function.

I am an international subscriber, can I work in the UK?

It depends on your own individual circumstances. Check out the UK Border Agency for more information.

Can I post my CV and looking for work details to the list?

No sorry. DUKJ has many subscribers and to say yes to one person, would mean we would have to say yes to everyone.

How do contact Alison or Tony?

E mail to:

If you need assistance please ask and we are happy to try and help. Please just be polite, we are doing this for free.

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