Deaf UK Jobs


Deaf UK Jobs was established in 1999; two decades later, the list has around 11,000 subscribers and has advertised over 25,000 vacancies. The list has been referred to in The Daily Telegraph as, “The experts recommend Deaf UK Jobs …”

A statement which carries a lot of expectation, and one I could not possibly fulfill. Deaf people experience much discrimination when it comes to employment; one I cannot address but by distributing information to try and make deaf related employment a step closer to being a bit more inclusive.

What is the scope of the list?

Jobs which are deaf related. Jobs within deaf organisations, social services working with deaf people, Teacher of the Deaf posts, interpreting positions, audiologists, etc.

Jobs where you wish to target a deaf audience. Not why the list was originally set up, but if you have an advert where you would like to target a deaf audience. Try it.

Courses which are deaf related. This is not really a course list, but organisations are allowed one e mail a month to advertise courses. Please do not exceed this.

FAQs for advertisers

If you want more information, see FAQs for Advertisers.

FAQs for job hunters / researchers

See, FAQs for Job Hunters / Students / researchers.

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